CBD Vape Cart Sunset Sherbert 1000MG


Product: CBD Vape Cartidge

Cart Size: 1000MG (750MG CBD + 250MG Terpenes)

Blend: Sativa

$40.00 $29.99

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Strain: Our ‘Sunset Sherbert’ CBD Vape is one of our bet selling cartridges on the market. It is a personnel favorite of the owner of MedicBuds.

Description: We are pleased to introduce our latest venture into the smok-able hemp marketplace with these super tasty CBD vape cartridges that attach to your existing batteries. Our carts are made from ‘Full Spectrum Distillate’ and ‘Cannabis Terpenes’ of the highest quality!

Accolades: All of our flavors comes from natural cannabis terpenes, which controls what affect, taste and smell each strain has. The unique cartridges are glass on glass with quartz element providing piece of mind your experiencing the cleanest form possible.

More: Our staff uses these vape carts on a regular basis, the flavors are AMAZING! Honest.