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“Frequently Asked Questions”

Q1: Do you ship ‘Hemp Flower’ to all of the states in the USA?

Yes, we ship to all 50 states as ‘Hemp CBD Flower’ is federally compliant with high CBD and low THC. Our flowers come from farmers across the USA and meet our highest standards of hand trimmed boutique flower.

Q2: How long from ordering will my products be shipped?

With most orders, including the hemp flower strains we offer, you can expect your package to arrive within 3-5 business days. Our discrete shipping will ensure your package reaches it’s intended destination. All packages include the proper documentation, along with matching COA’s when purchasing Hemp Flower from MedicBuds.

Q3: Do you ship ‘Hemp Clones’ to all of the states in the USA?

Yes, we have the proper licensing with the State of Arizona where we reside to facilitate the transportation of our clones to your location within the continental United States. Note: All sales are final as we are the re-seller, and the farmer handles all warranties on clones.

Q4: How do you ship the ‘Rooted Hemp Clones & Cuttings’ so they are protected during shipping?

In regards to rooted clones, we have contracted with the UPS parcel company whom have specialized “Live Plant” boxes for rooted clones that they mandate within their company to not turn on it’s side or upside down during transport. And for more immediate delivery needs, not 3 weeks from purchase, we also offer the cuts/cuttings that are sent in protected bags within one week from purchase.

Q5: How do you handle refund requests on Hemp Flower?

We can provide samples not refunds upon request to licensed wholesalers within the Unite States prior to ordering along with several photos and COA’s .

Note:  You must provide your EIN# along with other information to be considered a wholesaler. Please call for more details and to talk with one of our team members.

Q6: What type of shipping comes standard with every order?

Our team sends every ‘Hemp Flower’ order out with standard delivery. Expediting your package is as easy as selecting the preferred shipping method during the checkout process to expedited.

Q7: What sort of medical benefits will this hemp flower or cbd products provide? 

With this type of question we must inform you that both hemp & cbd products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Q8: Do you suggest consulting my physician before using hemp or cbd products?

We always recommend to consult a physician before using any hemp or cbd products.


Thank you for your business!

If you have any additional questions please call us direct.


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